Project 2000

Cindy Hodgins Burian chodgins at
Thu Oct 26 15:53:49 GMT 2000

We are running Samba 1.9.18p10 and the main box we push files to is an
NT Terminal Server 4.0.  Until Project 2000, we've had no problems. 
This is what's happening now:  Joe creates and saves a project on an NFS
file system pushed by Samba.  Jane opens this project, makes changes,
tries to save it, and it refuses.  Gives a popup box saying basically
You don't have permission to save this file.  When you look at the file
permissions through Unix, everything looks fine.  Even if you do a chmod
777, it still fails.  However, if Joe creates a project and saves it to
a local drive, C or D, then Jane can modify and save just fine.  This is
what makes me think it's something with Samba.  At least I'm hoping,
because Microsoft Support hasn't come up with anything.  They really hem
and haw when I mention Samba.  This is really killing us.  Thanks for
any help.

Cindy Hodgins Burian
Prediction Company
chodgins at

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