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Andy Worthington andy at
Thu Oct 26 14:59:57 GMT 2000

I have changed around settings several times, right now each is the domain
master browser, local master and preferred, one is setup as the wins server
with all clients and the other samba server set to use it for wins.  In its
wins.dat file there is an entry for the other samba server and a client on
the other subnet setup to use it as wins but no one can see the second
workgroup on the subnet where the wins samba server resides.  From that
machine when I try this for the non-wins samba server:

smbclient -L server

I get this:
added interface ip= bcast= nmask=
added interface ip= bcast= nmask=
Got a positive name query response from ( )
session request to SERVER failed (Not listening for calling name)
Got a positive name query response from ( )
session request to *SMBSERVER failed (Not listening for calling name) is the correct IP for that server.

Any idea what to try next?


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You need to make both samba servers domain master browsers.  And you're
about the wins server - disconnects can cause odd behaviour - especially
samba cannot (yet?) be a secondary wins server.

Alex @ Avantel

On Wed, 25 Oct 2000, you wrote:
> I've read through the BROWSING*.txt files in docs/textdocs and I think I
> everything up right but I can't get this to work.
> I am using IPSEC to connect two lans that are seperated by the internet
> use dsl lines for internet connection.  That is setup and working.  I can
> ping from a client on one subnet to a client on another subnet with no
> problems.  One subnet is and the other is
> The subnet has the workgroup of irish and the has
> the workgroup of msp.
> I want both of these subnets to see both workgroups.  All clients are
> and there is a samba server on each network that is also doing the ipsec
> acting as the firewall(currently setup to accept everything).  Each subnet
> has the samba server setup as the WINS server for that subnet.
> in the smb.conf file on I added:
>    remote browse sync =
>    remote announce =
> and on I added:
>    remote browse sync =
>    remote announce =
> Any ideas how to solve this so that each subnet can see and use both
> workgroups.  Another question about the WINS servers, I read that it is
> if only one is used for both subnets.  If I do this and the link drops,
> subnet without samba setup for wins will of course no longer have a wins
> server.  Will this Win98, ME clients automatically start using broadcast
> based name resolution when the WINS server becomes inaccessable?
> Andy Worthington

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