Tamworth Borough Council - New Installation of SAMBA

Marchant, Martin Martin-Marchant at tamworth.gov.uk
Thu Oct 26 14:46:38 GMT 2000


I am looking to install SAMBA onto our Unix SUN Ultra Enterprise 2 server.

The 'uname -a' command (Operating System Version) outputs:

SunOS sun01 5.6 Generic_105181-20 sun4u sparc SUNW,Ultra-2

The 'cc -V' command (Compiler version) displays:

cc: SC4.0 18 Oct 1995 C 4.0

We have numerous printers connected to the unix server through our
structured cabling (some run through print servers) and I want to confirm
that if I install the SAMBA software it will not affect the printers that
are already setup. Plus are there any other areas that I should/could be
concerned about. We already have a version of SAMBA installed on another
Unix server in the authority but I have no experience of the software

Martin Marchant
IT Projects Assistant - 01827 709418

Tamworth Borough Council
Marmion House
Lichfield Street
B79 7BZ

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