Samba machines disappeared?

David Collier-Brown David.Collier-Brown at
Thu Oct 26 14:37:34 GMT 2000

Shayne wrote:
| Some machines, both 98 and 2000 professional can't see the
| machine in network neighborhood, but can get to it manually.
|  Other machines still show up normally.  Other machines, 2000
| professional, can see ONLY that machine in NN.  Very odd.  

	It's mismatched protocols.
	Samba speaks TCP/IP, but PCs can speak TCP, Novell
	or NetBEUI, and often do, leaving Samba out of
	the conversation.

	Mounting the disk will cause all "bound" protocols
	to be tried, one after another, until something
	works or they all fail.  This makes manual mounting
	work reliably.

	Browsing (Network Neighborhood) isn't as reliable:
	it prefers NetBLOOIE and local LAN broadcasting.
	The machines who can't see Samba are using NetBEUI,
	the ones who can, TCP.

	Remove the unneeded protocols from the PCs: it'll
	improve their performance, too!

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