FW: how to install samba

Adrian Ichim aichim at rsb.ro
Thu Oct 26 09:47:24 GMT 2000

I built Samba 2.0.7 from source, using cc from SCO.
My system is SCO OpenServer 5.0.4, with all patches applied.
Samba works fine here, for about 8 months - as a file and print server .

If you like and your mailbox is big enough (about 8 Mb), 
I can mail you my binary. 

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From: Belal Fouad 
Sent: Thu, October 19, 2000 6:24 PM
To: 'scol-support at sco.com'
Subject: how to install samba

Dear sco support
My problem mainly with samba software

My operating system : SCO open server 5.04

Main problem : how to connect with sco server from dos machine or any
microsoft machine without using vision fs or telnet software

The mailing solution :
I got mail for friends to solve this problem by using SAMBA software
So I made download for samba software and I tried to install it on my server
But when I start to install it by typing   ./configure     I get error
massage that when the system test for getting gcc  or cc(c compiler ) this
test failed as the sco server doesn't c compiler
So some friend told me that I must download gcc instead of cc form sco site
to make completed installation for samba
So I downloaded gcc- form sco site
But when I trying to install it it make complete installation also when I
start to install SAMBA software it made test for the compiler
It tell me that the gcc is not working

I need your help to solve this problem 
Belal fouad

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