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Wed Oct 25 09:12:34 GMT 2000

* Murtuza Ambawala <mambawala at> [20001025 08:30]:
=>I have installed samba on my linux box cobalt linux and I am having problem
=>using the SWAT (web administration tool) I get a error like
=>400 server error 
=>Samba is configured to deny access from this client 
=>Check your "hosts allow" and "hosts deny" options in smb.conf 

Quite an obvious thing. If you are getting this from swat running on the
samba server itself then my guess is that you don't have as a
host allowed to access the service.
If it from another box, you could have the directive of smbd allow that IP

smbd : w.x.y.z : allow
But that is not the only area. In smb.conf in the global section you can
also check for the 'hosts allow' directive. Allow the whole of your subnet
in there...

hosts allow = 

OR hosts allow = w.x.y.z a.b.c.d



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