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Wed Oct 25 08:59:59 GMT 2000

* Mike Fedyk <mfedyk at> [20001025 11:01]:
=>              Example:              config         file         =
=>              /usr/local/samba/lib/smb.conf.%m
=>OK, so I can have settings for multiple names, in multiple files, etc.

Yes, typically virtual names pointing to the same samba server but with
different rules.

=>Here's my question:
=>Can I have one file that contains all of my defaults and a few others that
=>contain additions, or do I need to copy all of my defaults into each possible
=>config file?

I think the former is TRUE - one file with all defaults and a few others
that contain additions. It works for me.

=>In other words:
=>When you load the new config file from the previous, are the options from the
=>previous config file still in effect when you load the new config file?

Yes, unless you put overrides in the new one.

=>In other words: 
=>smb.conf sets shares x, y, and z. smb.conf.2 sets shares a, b, c, and d.  When
=>smb.conf loads smb.conf.2, will I get shares a, b, c, d, x, y, and z?

But curiously I think the essence of a second config file was to have a
'virtual' server so my view is that you get x,y,z in the 'real' samba
server and a,b,c and d in the 'virtual'

=>BTW, what happens if smb.conf references to smb.conf.2 and references to
=>smb.conf.3?  Is there a limit?  Not that I have a use for this, but it's
=>interesting to know.

I have not tested it myself. Pls buy the book "Using Samba" and make
reference but if you're as poor as me, then try to take a look at
htpp:// - that is where I got the
idea. See if they say there is a limit and include me in your findings.

NB: Whatever I've written only represents my little understanding and
might not represent the true status of the samba functionality ;-)


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