smbmount errors

Urban Widmark urban at
Tue Oct 24 19:30:33 GMT 2000

On Mon, 23 Oct 2000, Alvaro Reguly wrote:

> Hello, I am getting lots of errors from smbmount, Debian unstable, Samba
> 2.0.7, on Linux 2.2.15.
> These com from various shares mounted on the Linux server, OS/2 Warp and
> NT.

Do you know which messages come from which server?
(the log messages should have some connection to the server/share name)

Most of these can be disabled by removing the SMBFS_PARANOIA define from
all .c files in 2.2.15 (or by removing it from the Makefile in 2.2.17+).
Note that doing so may remove a few messages related to actual problems.

> smb_lookup: find //chkdsk.log failed, error=-13
> smb_lookup: find //chkdsk.old failed, error=-13
> smb_lookup: find //chkdsk.log failed, error=-13
> smb_lookup: find //chkdsk.old failed, error=-13

Probably a failure to get information about the file ('/bin/ls' may work
to list where 'ls -lF' fails).

> smb_proc_readdir_long: name=VENDI.NTX, entries=237, rcls=1, err=18

This is an error. It has found 237 entries but was told there was more to
get. When trying to read those additional entries it got a "no more files
found in file search".

How many files are there really in that directory? You should be missing
some from the listing (or get an empty listing).

> smb_get_length: recv error = 5
> smb_request: result -5, setting invalid
> smb_retry: sucessful, new pid=449, generation=2

Just debug.

> smb_file_write: reserva/pergunta.ok validation failed, error=4294967294

Hmm, 4294967294 is -2 as an unsigned int. Somewhere a conversion is made.
-2 is -ENOENT, "No such file or directory". Suggests that someone was
allowed to remove a file that smbfs had opened for writing. Or perhaps
just that the smb_proc_getattr() call fails. Error, I think.

> smb_open: dbf/reserva.dbf access denied, access=0, wish=1
> smb_open: dbf/reserva.dbf access denied, access=0, wish=1
> smb_open: dbf/cancela.dbf access denied, access=0, wish=1

Someone got readonly access when it wanted writeonly access. Error.

Maybe you can try to generate these messages. Check which program you need
to run vs which server and what operation that causes which message.

You can also try a newer kernel version (2.2.18pre17 perhaps) and see if
that makes anything better/worse.


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