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we use a Sun Sparc E450 Server as Fileserver (Solaris 2.8). I recently
created a share for a project:

[share name]
        only user = TRUE
        printable = no
        comment = project name
        writable = yes
        force create mode = 0770
        create mask = 0770
        force directory mode = 0770
        directory mask = 0770
        force group = sbw
        force security mode = 0000
        security mask = 0770
        directory security mask = 0770
        force directory security mode = 0000
        path = /path/to/project
        user = many userids
        public = no

A few days later, a WinNT  user discovered a problem with his powerpoint
files. He stored a pp file in the share and changed the permissions on 
the file from WinNT (security box) to 700. The next day the file was
changed by some other user. He than came to me and asked how this could
Then I changed the file permissions on the file from the WinNT box to
700, and did a ls -l in the directory -> rwx______, but after opening the
file (just double click from the NT box), they were 770 (rwxrwx___)!
It seems that powerpoint is doing something very strange, like creating it
new file by just oping the file.

It think it's not a real samba problem, but maybe you know what
powerpoint is doing.

The problem does not appear with doc, pdf, txt ... files - just

Please send me a CC of your answer, since I'm not on the samba list yet.

Ralf Gross

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