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Systems Administrator sysadmin at aims.gov.au
Sun Oct 22 23:09:20 GMT 2000

Hi Steven,

I don't have the solution for your answer, just some suggestions to try..

It sounds like from what you have described, the problem is with maybe the 
SSCOTT user profile on the computer MERCURY or the password list file 
(sscott.pwl) on the same machine. Have you tried removing these and logging 
in? Also are these machines running the same OS?

Best Regards

At 02:51 PM 22/10/00 -0400, Steven Scott wrote:
>     I have two computers connected to my Samba server, and I am having 
> trouble logging in on the one.
>Samba Server is NEON
>Notebook computer is XENON and will connect fine as SSCOTT (user in Unix 
>also) with the proper password.
>Desktop computer is MERCURY and can connect fine as SSCOTT2, or another 
>user with the proper password.  However, if I try to connect as SSCOTT on 
>this computer, then it fails with "Neon is not accessible.  No permission 
>to access resource."  If I shut down the notebook computer, and try this 
>again, it still fails. I can however, see everything fine if I use a 
>different login name.
>     Is there a known problem here with trying to use the same account 
> from two machines at the same time, or even two different computers at 
> any time?
>Steven Scott
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