same old multiple subnets problem... with a twist!

Samuel Hathaway lsy at
Sun Oct 22 21:24:29 GMT 2000


I'm on a multi-subnet, multi-workgroup campus network, and I'm trying to
build a SMB indexer. I've run into a roadblock as I can't browse any
computers which are not on my subnet (i.e. they don't come up in `smbclient
-L "A LOCAL SERVER"`). I can connect to computers for which I know the IP
addresses, but that doesn't help me much, since addresses are assigned

So, as it is now, I can only index the 60 or so computers in my subnet, and
the 25 other subnets go unindexed.

I've read tons of information about the problem, but none of it helps me
because I'm not the network administrator, and those who are don't really
want to be facilitating file sharing. Here is a list of things I've ruled

Run a WINS server:
...No way to make everyone people use my WINS server.

Fetch remote browse lists from LMBs in other subnets:
...I can't find out the IPs of the remote LMBs.

Sync browse lists with LMBs in other subnets:
...Can't find out their IPs, and they're not samba boxen!

Use remote broadcasting to find remote LMBs:
...Routers won't allow it.

Am I overlooking anything in these possobilities?

Also, I've noticed that when Windows 9x clients have only the TCP/IP
protocol installed, they can browse the same set of computers that I can.
However, when they install IPX/SPX, they can see outside of their subnets.
Can anyone explain this?

Thanks in advance for your help, I really appreciate it!

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