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    I will certainly let you know of anything I discover.  For your problem, could you not simply remove the share in Samba, then re add it.  This would require that the computers (Win98) are not connected, then make the change, and restart Samba.

    My problem is a little different in that I can not log in as the same user on two different machines.  Logging in on the original workstation works, but if I try it as the same user on computer #2, that user is denied access to the Linux shares.  If I logout on the original machine, the second computer still does not see the shares.  If I logon the second computer as someone else, all is fine.

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       This sounds like my prob. Where ever I log in with the username... I get the same access privilleges which is fine. I do however, wish to restore access to one of the shares, to one account. This is where I fall short.

  If I figure it out... I will be sure to inform you of the resolution... can I ask the same of you? 

  Thank you,

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        I am having a similar problem that you might have encountered and been able to correct.  Are you able to log on as the same user from two different machines and have the proper access?  I can not accomplish this, yet it seems to work properly otherwise.  My original question follows in case you might have any suggestions for me.  Thanks for your time.

    Steven Scott
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    My original message:
        I have two computers connected to my Samba server, and I am having trouble logging in on the one.

    Samba Server is NEON

    Notebook computer is XENON and will connect fine as SSCOTT (user in Unix also) with the proper password.

    Desktop computer is MERCURY and can connect fine as SSCOTT2, or another user with the proper password.  However, if I try to connect as SSCOTT on this computer, then it fails with "Neon is not accessible.  No permission to access resource."  If I shut down the notebook computer, and try this again, it still fails. I can however, see everything fine if I use a different login name.

        Is there a known problem here with trying to use the same account from two machines at the same time, or even two different computers at any time?
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         I need some help and I am hoping that you are available. I have been
      running Samba on a linux box at home for a while now. I was recently
      contacted to set up a file server for a small company. The thing is...
      they will require various users to have access to different files, and
      ofcourse some users will have access to very little. I did some testing at
      home and was able to block off one of my users (at home) from a particular
      file (just as a test). I used the "valid users = whoever" and "public =
      no" command in the SHARE DEFINITIONS section of the smb.conf file. It
       worked fine. Now I would like to reinstate this user's access to the same
       file... but I can't get it to come back up... I keep getting a message
       that reads "... the share is not accessible/cannot be found..." All
       machines are Win98 except the samba server which runs on RedHat Linux 6.1.
      I sincerely thank you for your help...

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