mount a NT partition

Urban Widmark urban at
Sun Oct 22 10:06:38 GMT 2000

On Sat, 21 Oct 2000, Rob Tanner wrote:

> > What file system is the NT FS? FAT or NTFS? I was adviced not to mount
> > NTFS system on to Linux. They are ok to be mounted in readonly mode
> > but not in readwrite mode.
> >
> > Please correct me if that is not an issue now.
> >
> Unless I've just been lucky, it's not a problem (or not a problem 
> anymore).  I'm the local perl guru (and have been much more successful 

There seems to be some confusion here.

Mounting fat or ntfs on a remote machine over smbfs does not make anything
more or less dangerous/likely to fail. The potentially dangerous operation
is mounting a local ntfs partition (ie on a dual boot machine) read-write.


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