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> What file system is the NT FS? FAT or NTFS? I was adviced not to mount
> NTFS system on to Linux. They are ok to be mounted in readonly mode
> but not in readwrite mode.
> Please correct me if that is not an issue now.

Unless I've just been lucky, it's not a problem (or not a problem 
anymore).  I'm the local perl guru (and have been much more successful 
at evangalizing the use of perl than at getting others to learn it) and 
so I write a lot of Win32 sys admin stuff that runs on the PDC.  Since 
I'll be [censored] if I'll use the inept tools that come standard on 
NT, I regularly mount partitions off the PDC rw on my linux box (redhat 
6.2), and have been doing so for the last several months with no 
negative side-effects *at least that we've noticed).

I was a bit too generous with the scissors.  In part of what I cut out 
above someone mentioned you need to be root, etc, and appeared to make 
to the process rather convoluted.  I simply added an entry in 
/etc/fstab as follows:

//<host>/<share>    <mount-point>  smbfs   noauto,user     0 0

The shares I mount require you to have admin privleges (which I do) and 
I only need enter "mount <mount-point>" as me, not root.  I get 
prompted for a password and it mounts.  If you're using the Linux box 
as a multiuser system allowing an unprivleged user to mount might be an 
issue -- they nevertheless still have to have the right privs on the NT 
-- but on a single-user system such as my personal workstation, it's a 

-- Rob

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