Persistent Samba Share

Urban Widmark urban at
Sat Oct 21 12:03:44 GMT 2000

On Fri, 20 Oct 2000, Wolf, Jonah wrote:

> We are using SMBMOUNT version  2.0.5 to connect a Red Hat linux box to an NT
> share. 
> The mount keeps dropping. Any recommendations on keeping the mount up 24x7? 
> Are there any programs or existing scripts to facilitate this process? 

There are a few things you could try.

* Upgrade to smbmount from the 2.0.7 samba package.

* Upgrade your linux kernel to 2.2.18-pre15 (or pre17 but there should be
  no difference regarding this problem).

* Apply this patch to the pre17 sources before compiling:


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