Samba and Briefcase

Ries van Twisk ries at
Sat Oct 21 06:00:27 GMT 2000

Hi Tony,

I had the same problem.
Let's blame M$ shall we?

Ik here is the deal. 
The briefcase folder MUST be a read-only folder!
Try It, create a new briefcase and everything is fine, now remove the read-only
attribute and it appears as a normal folder again. I think this is just one of
the many stupid M$ tricks again.

Here is how I solved the prob..
The problems is roaming profile, we just cannot the this one these kind of

Create a briefcae folder in a directory that will not be roamed (ex

Now on you desktop create a shortcut to that folder, that's it.

The does not work on all situations so I think you have to play around abit

O one other thing check the other file attributes as well.
I did manage to get it working but I stoped using it because people in my
department didn't understand the consept of it.


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