Samba and default router

Loic Mahe' mahe at
Fri Oct 20 13:01:02 GMT 2000


> You can try this one: Set up Samba as a WINS server.
>     wins support = yes
>     name resolve order = wins lmhosts hosts bcast
> Add all possible machine names to your /etc/hosts.
> Direct your Win machines to use your samba machine as a WINS server
> (you'll have to do this an every machine).

That's what I did.
But the Win9x machine is still sending a DNS request to the ISP when
it searches another machine which is power down (see my comment below).
I even added (as you proposed) an entry in C:\Windows\hosts
=> same thing occurs.
DNS is always asked.
Is there something on Win9x working like /etc/nsswitch.conf,
thus allowing to try (for example) C:\Windows\hosts first, then WINS and
finally DNS ?
BTW, I only have name resolve order = hosts.
Should I add 'wins' ?

A comment :
I noticed the following fact : when Samba is a WINS server, WINS clients
are dynamically added to /var/lock/samba/wins.dat at boot time and
erased from that file when shuting down. So it is "normal" that WINS is
useless when the target machine is power down. Is it possible to add static
entries to that file ? The Samba documentation (NetBIOS.txt) says the 
following : "The WINS server _can_ have static NetBIOS entries added to its
database". But how ?

> Fill in both fields
> (primary and secondary WINS server) with the same IP address (there is
> a known bug in some windows versions in case only one address is given
> for WINS).
I only filled the first WINS server. But it's (I think) not the reason
of my failure.


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