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Mac dmccann at
Fri Oct 20 09:02:35 GMT 2000

Hi all,

>The solution you suggested was the first thing I tried. Since that did not
>work, I went along with the "veto file" directive. The "veto files" directive
>worked but would not allow me to write any files to the directory.
>After you note, I tried it again to test it. The "hide dot files" alone does
>not hide the dot files. The "vet file" with the the file syntax will hide
>those files.

Hide does files _DOES_ hide the files.  In Windows, you can choose to
see hidden files with a configuration option in Explorer (or File
Manager).  In Windows (and MS-DOS) a hidden file is never _absolutely_
hidden.  See 'ATTRIB'.

I don't know how Macs deal with files marked as hidden.

If you want the client machine never to know about a file then you have
to 'veto' it.  I you want it to appear on their machine as a hidden file
you need 'hidden files'.

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