Samba vs NFS

Roberto João Lopes Garcia roberto at
Thu Oct 19 12:51:43 GMT 2000

At 14:21 18/10/2000, you wrote:
>Hello! This is Danilo from Rome.
>I've a problem with Samba and NFS that must live together
>on some Unix (Solaris 2.6) machines.

We use Samba to access files in Unix machines from pcs. We do not use pcnfs 
any more and I recomend you to only use samba in pcs to access files on 
unix machines.

To access files from 2 or more Unix machines we use NFS. Even if those 
files are also accessible by pcs through  samba!

> >From Pc I have to 'see' the Unix filesystems both from Samba
>and from NFS. The problem is this: Unix (with /bin/passwd)
>authenticate User1 and User2, Samba (with /smbpasswd) only
>In the machine both PcNfs and Samba daemons are alive.
>User1 can see the filesystems both from Samba and from NFS ... ok.
>User2 can't do from Samba path ... ok.
>User2 CAN'T do it using NFS ... WHY ???
>     The reason is ...
>Using a Sniffer program, I see that when user tries to see the
>filesystem using NFS path, Samba (with daemons alive) go into the
>process and stop User2 attempt!!
>If I stop Samba daemons, the process is entirely done by NFS and
>all is ok.
>Why Samba go into a process where only NFS must works ??
>Thanks to all and excuse me for my English.
>Danilo (Rome)

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