Smbd 2.0.7 crash, security=share, HP-UX 11.0, 64 bits SOLVED

Laurent Menu at
Thu Oct 19 11:55:04 GMT 2000

> Laurent,
> Well, you shouldn't need to rewrite setup_groups() with no calls to
> initgroups(), Samba has it's own definition of initgroups() for OS'es that don't
> include it.  You could try renaming initgroups() (the Samba defined version),
> and changing the calls to call it.  (initgroups() is only found in 5 places in
> the source as far as I can tell).  You will also have to remove/comment out the
> include/config.h file line:
> so that the renamed initgroups() function gets compilied in.
> -Marc Jacobsen

Yep, it resolved the problem :-)
Thank you for your help

FYI : there's a missing ')' at a DEBUG line in replace.c initgroups
function (line# 274).

Laurent Menu

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