about accessing Linux Drives from Win98

Tom Cheung cst9809 at hkstar.com
Thu Oct 19 10:46:06 GMT 2000

Hello everyone:
     I have encountered a problem about configure samba server on
Linux.My difficulties is that I can use samba to access my other windows

98 machines and samba itself within Linux.That is

Access windows 98 machine in Linux:
smbclient ' \\hosts name\shared name' and then prompt for password.

Access samba server in Linux:
smbclient \\\\samba server\\shared name and then prompt for password.

Although it fails to connect samba server when attempting within windows

I have tried maping network drive but it is said that password is
invalid and please try again.
Also there isn't any computers inside my Linux workgroup.
But the password used to connect samba server within Linux is correct.

So is there any problem related to shadow password or encrypted
As I know that I have configure Linux for using shadow password with

In /etc/passwd

user information is in the form :
User login name:x:UID:GID:User real name:home directory:shell

Moreover how can I configure both windows 98 and Linux in order to
access samba server through windows 98

Is both encrypted or only one encrypted and the other non-encrypted ?

Finally would any one tell me how can I solve this problem.Thanks a lot

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