win98 samba share file permissions on lunux

Mike Fedyk mfedyk at
Wed Oct 18 20:57:01 GMT 2000

Gary Jollymore wrote:
> thanks for your quick reply.
> my goal is to have a certain three users access the samba share. Any of
> these three users should be able both to create a file and to be able to
> edit files created by the other two users.
> i was thinking of using the 'force create mode 0770' directive in smb.conf,
> but it does not seem to work.
> w/r to your suggestion:  if i use suid, will that introduce securty risks?
> also, tx for the point of "Why do you want the excel file to be user
> executable?"
> gary

Setting a directory SGID only makes files created in that directory have the
same group as the directory.  You need to set the umask to 007 in your case. 
User and groups have access but "other" has no access.

You also need to make sure that all users are in the group that the directory is
set to, or change the directory's group.

The idea is to have the unix semantics to do the work for you, in case you need
more than just samba in the future.

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