win98 samba share file permissions on lunux

Mike Fedyk mfedyk at
Wed Oct 18 20:28:17 GMT 2000

Gary Jollymore wrote:
> our suse6.4 linux server offers samba shares to win98 users on our local
> network.
> i would like to set the linux file permissions to -rwx,rw-,--- when a win98
> app (e.g. MSExcel) writes a file to the samba share.
> how can i do this?
> gary jollymore
> gjollymore at

You need to make all of your directories SGID, short for Set Group ID.

Why do you want the excel file to be user executable?  The file (excel,etc)
isn't a unix program, and may create a security problem with text files (shell
scripts) stored through samba.  If you don't already give your users shell

Now How to...

cd to the dir that contains the files you want to affect as root, or the owner
of all the files.

#this will change the directory permissions
find -type d -exec chmod u+rwx,g+rwxs,o-rwx "{}" ";"

#this will change the file permissions
#just to make sure they're all correct
find -type f -exec chmod u+rw,g+rws,o-rwx "{}" ";"


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