Samba 2.0.7 homes share problem with NT 4.0: Network name cannot be found

Mike Fedyk mfedyk at
Wed Oct 18 20:26:52 GMT 2000

Joey Garcia wrote:
> Thank you!  I wasn't aware of that 12 character thing.  Did I over look
> that in the docs?  Also, I'm not familiar with creating a user map.
> Where in the documentation should I look for help on that subject?  In
> case it's not in the documentation, care to explain how I would go about
> creating a user map?
> TIA,
> Joey
I don't know if the 12 char thing is documented, I just found it with my own

The user map is in the docs for smb.conf

Just search for "user map" without quotes in the man page. (hint, press "/"

basically the usermap is a file that translates windows users to unix users. 
You'll need this for users with spaces in their names too.


the man page will tell you more.

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