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Odhiambo Washington wash at
Wed Oct 18 16:12:13 GMT 2000

* Michele Francis <m at> [20001018 18:13]:
=>This is in reference to Odhiambo Washington's help request.  I too have
=>that same problem.  Well, I should say that I didn't last week.  I only
=>added a new printer to the network and everything is fine.  But, then
=>all of a sudden one of my other printers is doing the exact same thing
=>of OWashington's .  First I had that can't get to //bogus/printer  then
=>now I can print from the unix host, but the win98 client prints, it
=>seems to go to the printer (lights activity) but, then it disappears.
=>I only added printer to printcap and reinitialiazed.
=>Was there any real solutions?

Is this new printer shared out thro samba? At some point I was able to
send print jobs without those errors but nothing would come out. Just
quiet. Why don't you try to see that the printer's entry in smb.cong
matches what you have fro it in /etc/printcap and then also see if it is a
good idea to change /var/spool/lpd/hplj to mode 1777.

=>  my /var/spool/samba is       rwxrwxrwx root root
=>my /var/spool/lpd/hplj is      rwxr-xr-x  root lp
=>thanks for any help.



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