Unix Printer for Windows clients -SOLVED!!SOLVED!!

Odhiambo Washington wash at iconnect.co.ke
Wed Oct 18 14:48:17 GMT 2000

* Klaus Wirl <kwirl at lucent.com> [20001018 09:19]:
=>Odhiambo Washington wrote:
=>> Another good guy suggested as below:
=>> ###
=>> i would try a different approach:
=>> - "DOMAIN B" server makes that printer accessible via lpd to "DOMAIN A"
=>>   server. If you setup yours hosts.lpd properly nobody can use the
=>>   printer unauthorized.
=>> - setup lpd print queue on "DOMAIN A" server to remote printer on
=>> "DOMAIN B"
=>> - "DOMAIN A" server exports this printer queue to the Windows PCs.
=>> ###
=>> I've tried it and I end up same place......
=>Bad to hear.
=>First i would try to get the printer working on the Unix side.
=>- Printing does work on "B" ?


=>- B "exports" the printer to "A" (/etc/hosts.lpd)?


=>- A has a remote printing queue (in /etc/printcap) pointing to
=>  the printer on B ?

=>  printcap typically looks like:
=>  hpdj|HP Deskjet:\
=>         :lp=/dev/null:\
=>         :rm=node_b:\
=>         :rp=hpdj:\
=>         ...

=>- You can print (Unix!) from A to the printer attached to B ?
=>- Print service/queues started?


=>After that you know whether you have to look into the lpd or
=>the SAMBA configuration to fix the problem.
=>I hope everything is correct, because i'm looking at the problem
=>with a "Linux" view. If you have success/failures in any of the
=>steps you can also contact me per PM.

Only came to realize that the printer name specified in smb.conf did not
tally with what is in /etc/printcap - I guess that is the reason "network
name cannot be found" ?? 

Then some nice guy also said I check the perm on the /var/spool/lpd and I
decided that mod 1777 is okay in there. Whoever is printing must have a
valid username and password...an acct with no login access but in samba
"username map".

May I take this opportunity to THANK each and every individual who
responded to my distress. Special thanks to Klaus Wirl and  Bill Grzanich
for their time in looking at my long mail and 'setting me free' from the 
wrath of my network users.

Keep the good spirit guys.

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