swat problem

Hugo Kelder h.kelder at hccnet.nl
Wed Oct 18 14:22:08 GMT 2000


I have a root-authorization-problem using swat with the netscape-browser

on my DS20E-compaq-unix-server.

First some configuration-items:

I'am running UNIX on a compaq DS20E server.
Oct  9 10:59:49 newnova vmunix: Digital UNIX V4.0F  (Rev. 1229); Mon Oct

9 10:58:18 GMT+0100 2000
Netscape 4.5/Export, 13-Oct-98; (c) 1995-1998 Netscape Communications

I compiled the samba version:   samba-2.0.7
with the gcc-compiler:          Reading specs from
                                gcc version 2.95.2 19991024 (release)

At the moment I'am testing the functionality of the samba-server but I
have a problem with logging in to the swat-tool with the root-user. I
got a message which says:
Authorization failed. Retry ?.  If a cancel this I get the next message:

401 Authorization Required You must be authenticated to use this service

If I log on with a different unix user everything works fine.

I made the necessarily changes to the /etc/services- and the
swat            901/tcp
swat stream tcp nowait root /usr/local/samba/bin/swat swat

The strange thing is that when I change the user in the inetd.conf file
to a different user than root, I can connect to swat as root with no

Samba is also running on an other server and there swat works fine also
for root. I tried to find some differences between these servers but I
can't find anything.

Perhaps you can give me a clue ?

With regards,

Hugo Kelder

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