Samba TNG / 2000 PDC Support

Gerald Carter gcarter at
Wed Oct 18 13:44:35 GMT 2000

"Arthur J. D'Alessandro III" wrote:
> From what I've heard, TNG is no longer being worked 
> on, and 3.x will support the TNG features, but that won't be 
> out for god know how long.... What would do is an LDAP 
> enabled SMB service, which 2.07 supposedly has, but has been
> disabled somewhere in the code.... Anyone have any additional
> information on this topic?


Couple of points

  o TNG is now a code fork.  See

  o Samba 2.2.0 will have minimal support for NT4/2000 domain 

  o Some of us are working on LDAP support for a later 2.2 
    release now.

Cheers, jerry

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