Persistent connection of NT client to Samba share

Mike Brodbelt m.brodbelt at
Wed Oct 18 10:02:23 GMT 2000

Stephen Carr wrote:
> Does anyone know how to close a persistent connection of a
> Windows NT client mapping a share on a Solaris Samba server.
> The situation is a user on a NT client attaches to the share on the
> server by mapping a drive. When finished with the share they
> disconnect the drive but several hours later the user can browse
> the server through the Network neighborhood and access the share
> without being prompted for a username and password.
> I have set deadtime to 5 minutes , security = user and encrypt
> passwords = yes and revalidate = yes.

The client is caching logon credentials. Your only solution to this, if
it's possible at all, is likely to be via a registry hack to reduce the
time cached credentials are held.


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