smbmount for IRIX

Mac dmccann at
Wed Oct 18 08:52:06 GMT 2000

>On Tue, Oct 17, 2000 at 11:56:19PM +1000, David Jorm wrote:
>> Hi guys,
>> I've been trying to get from source or the tardist a working binary
>	for smbmount for IRIX 6.5. Any leads here? The tardist package
>	doesn't contain it from what I can see, and the problems of
>	getting gcc/libtools etc etc etc down a modem to compile the
>	thing make compilation only a last stretch resort.
>> Any assistances, pointers, or attached working binaries to my address
>	would be appreciated :)
>	AFAIK (and things could change - I'm not the IRIX wizard) there
>is no smbfs (SMB File System) support in IRIX.  Smbmount is the mount
>package which controls the smbfs file system in Linux.  No smbfs means
>that smbmount is pretty much useless to you.  Now...  Someone COULD
>have writen an smbfs driver for IRIX, but I think I would have heard
>about it and I haven't, so you are probably out of luck there.
>	A better option would be to look at smbsh and see if that will
>do what you want to do without requiring and smbfs file system in the
>IRIX kernel.

I agree with Michael here.

The other 'standard' answer to this question is Rumba, now called Sharity
Light.  See Objective Development's site at:-

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