Persistent connection of NT client to Samba share

Stephen Carr sgcarr at
Wed Oct 18 03:23:14 GMT 2000

Does anyone know how to close a persistent connection of a 
Windows NT client mapping a share on a Solaris Samba server.

The situation is a user on a NT client attaches to the share on the 
server by mapping a drive. When finished with the share they 
disconnect the drive but several hours later the user can browse 
the server through the Network neighborhood and access the share 
without being prompted for a username and password.

I have set deadtime to 5 minutes , security = user and encrypt 
passwords = yes and revalidate = yes.

It is important that the share is truely disconnected and the user 
should be prompted for a password if the drive has been 
disconnected for more than the deadtime.

Thanks in advance
Stephen Carr

sgcarr at

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