Unix Printer for Windows clients

Odhiambo Washington wash at iconnect.co.ke
Tue Oct 17 16:40:41 GMT 2000

* Klaus Wirl <kwirl at lucent.com> [20001017 17:26]:
=>Odhiambo Washington wrote:
=>> Hi sharers,
=>> I have samba in two servers, each running as "domain controllers". All the
=>> Windows computers in our LAN are grouped into one domain -"DOMAIN A". I
=>> also have a second Unix box running Samba and has its own domain
=>> -"DOMAIN B"
=>> I have an HP DJ 895C on this computer on DOMAIN B and I have shared it as
=>> follows:
=>> [smb.conf snipped]
=>> Now everytime I try to install the printer on a Windows PC I get the error
=>> "There was an error writing to \\ServerNAME\printername for printer
=>> (Printer_name). The network name cannot be found. The printer will be set
=>> to work offline."
=>> So essentially that denies me the use of the printer....and the Windows
=>> lusers want to access it.Hell, I am the sysadmin and so I am in big
=>> problem. I don't give a damn if anyone on the Internet accessed this printer as
=>> DOMAN B is on 24hrs.
=>i would try a different approach:
=>- "DOMAIN B" server makes that printer accessible via lpd to "DOMAIN A"
=>  server. If you setup yours hosts.lpd properly nobody can use the
=>  unauthorized.
=>- setup lpd print queue on "DOMAIN A" server to remote printer on
=>- "DOMAIN A" server exports this printer queue to the Windows PCs.

I'll look at this too....
Already DOMAIN A can access a printer on a Windows box. I used
apsfilter. I'm wondering if it will let me attach a 2nd (or even a third

But I'm gonna investigate this option too and report back to you..


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