mac login to samba

Peter Samuelson peter at
Tue Oct 17 09:34:31 GMT 2000

[Ryan Detert <rcdetert at>]
> however, I don't think it allows printer sharing with macs. Does
> netatalk allow print sharing?

Yes, 'papd' allows this.  Easy to set up if you have the right PPD file
handy.  For postscript printers you get the PPD file from the install
media that came with the printer; for non-postscript printers you get
to filter postscript on your server -- probably with either ghostscript
or (if using IRIX) Impressario.  The 'magicfilter' package is a really
nice way to automate this sort of thing.  Anyway you then need to use a
ghostscript PPD file (or, if using Impressario, I imagine that comes
with one as well).

One caveat: I had a devil of a time setting up papd to work with lprng.
What finally worked was quite simple: rather than using papd's builtin
lpd support, I forced it to pipe to lpr explicitly.  papd was making
incorrect assumptions about lpd internals, which is Very Bad.


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