HP-UX Unix to WinNT

B.V.Dean B.V.Dean at ukc.ac.uk
Tue Oct 17 08:34:35 GMT 2000

This looks like the 100BT card in the NT box has a Full Duplex/Half Duplex 
setup problem.

We have seen this at our site loads of times now with 100BT connections. Some 
network card/OS combinations fail to negotiate the correct Duplex setting. If 
there is a mismatch between the switch and the server you get *VERY VERY* slow 
network traffic.

You may need to turn off the automatic duplex setection and force it. You will 
be best off forcing Full Duplex at the switch and the NT server.

Hope this helps.

In message <39EB302E.FD20F60F at acu.ac.uk>, Mike Brodbelt writes:
>baileyc at WellsFargo.COM wrote:
>> Can anyone give me any info on how to tune an HP-UX version of Samba. We are
>> having a problem transferring a 67MB file from the Unix box to an NT box. It
>> takes about 2hrs to copy the file. Note: the Unix box has a 10BT card and
>> the NT box has a 100BT card.
>With a similar configuration on Linux, it takes me about 10-15 minutes
>to move a 650MB file. Your figures are terrible... 
>1/ Have you tried the same file fransfer with FTP? What transfer rate do
>you get?
>2/ Does the problem exist with all NT-clients, or just the one?
>3/ What speed/duplex mode are your cards actually running at. A duplex
>mismatch can cause this kind of grief.
>4/ What's in your smb.conf?
>Post some of this info, and we may be able to see what's going on...

Barry Dean
Senior Computing Officer

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