My SMB client prob

Eran Levy eranle at
Tue Oct 17 00:28:54 GMT 2000

Dear Mike & Samba Team,
few days ago I have sent email to samba at and I have got an answer
from Mike.
I tolld about a dialog box that Im getting at the time Im clicking on the
smb server computer icon and it wants a Resource: \\LILOBOOT\IPC$ and Mike
announced me that this is an Internal name. Im reading the ENCRYPTION.txt
file and I cant get the answer I have fixed the smbpasswd by doing: cat
/etc/passwd | >/etc/smbpasswd
and its ok as I saw in the document...but now I still cant login from the
box that Im getting from the Network Neighborhood.  In the smb.conf file I
have enables the encrypt password= yes and smbpasswd file= /etc/smbpasswd
and its still not working.
I dont know why all the passwords arent ok...can I disable encryption or
something to disable the box that Im getting at the time im clicking on the
share icon in the network neighborhood. the title of this box is: Enter
Network Password.
BTW: I have enable the PlainTextPassword in the windows registery. I have
do all the things I it something with the config files or
something with my SMB files? Im tring to get it working something like 3
days and Im still lost. cna you give me any help How to do that -
step-by-step please? coz I really lost in it.
I will be very happy! Thank you alot! if you need my smb.conf file I will
send it or any other file but plaese, help me. Thanks alot!

Eran Levy.
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