Thanks a million

Bruce bruce at
Mon Oct 16 23:34:32 GMT 2000

To the Samba Team, thanks a million, I love You Lots!!

I successfully installed a major SuSE Linux/Samba/netatalk(forMacs) site
yesterday in a hard core Windows NT and 2000 environment with over 800
windows98 clients.
And we plugged it in, changed the encrypted passwords to yes, (test environment
was W95) ran up smbpassword for the accounts and restarted it.

Bingo it all popped up first time on all the test machines and after a few
guess what, the first real comment

"Gee. its fast isn't it..."

Well at that stage, we called it a day and went for the champagne!!!

For the record, SuSE6.4/2.2.14 and 2.2.16, newest samba and netatalk
Athlon 750's with several 20Gb drives, no raid at this stage (later perhaps)
and 100Mb interfaces - EVERYTHING standard.

And admittedly it has taken several weeks preparing, testing and tuning it.

And yes the netatalk shares (overlapping) also work perfectly
(veto files .Apple etc works fine...)

Great work there Samba Team

The Windows Team was slightly perturbed!!!
Their Unix lessons begin today!


PS Now my next target is their  P(R)OXY server... W2000 with a MTBF of
about 30 minutes.

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