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Mon Oct 16 20:38:53 GMT 2000

I think think of a number of overly complicated mechanisms, but on the 
simple side, why not run a cron job once a minute to see if the daemons 
are still up.  Doing a 'ps' won't tell you if a daemon is hung, but it 
will tell you if there's a process allocated.

Another option is to telnet to port 139 on the SAMBA host.  You can do 
that inside an expect script.  The command should be:

                   echo "hello" | telnet localhost 139

Send only "hello" which does not have any detrimental effects.  Use 
expect to look for a connected and a connection closed message.  If 
there is no smb daemon listening on the port you'll get a connection 
refused message instead.  You can then run the expect script out of 

A third alternative would be to write a small perl script to do the 
connection test.  That's actually the method I would recommend.  It too 
can be run out of cron.  You could have the script send email if it 
fails to connect, and if you have using a cell phone or pager service 
that can process email, you can literally have the script beep you 
wherever you are.

-- Rob

--On 10/16/00 08:00:08 PM +0300 demir <samba at> wrote:

> I need a connection watching tool for Linux Samba server more
> functional then status option of SWAT. I search the archive of
> mailing list but I only find a suggestion to use KDE Control Center,
> but I couldn't see any tool in it for connection.

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