allow access only by Netbios name?

Brian Kenney bdkenney at
Mon Oct 16 17:06:40 GMT 2000


I am wondering if it's possible to configure Samba in such a way that
it can only be accessed from PCs by its Netbios name, not by the
server's real name?

I've played with the "netbios name" setting, but that doesn't seem to prevent
connections by the real DNS name.

(This is Samba version 2.0.7, running on Digital Unix 4.0F.)

In case you're wondering why, it's because our PCs have an NFS client on them,
and they access our Unix servers with that.  Once Samba is installed on a 
Windows machines see the Unix boxes as NT Servers, and they won't try to 
via the NFS protocol.

And I'd like to phase in Samba on our servers gradually to test it.


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