HP-UX Unix to WinNT

baileyc at WellsFargo.COM baileyc at WellsFargo.COM
Mon Oct 16 17:00:48 GMT 2000

I cant use FTP with out some security changes to the UNIX server I will
attempt to do this soon. As for the cards they are both half duplex.  This
only happens on the NT to Unix side, NT to NT its fast. But both NT systems
are running at 100BT. The UNIX server is an HP E35 66MHZ single processor,
its about 5 years old. Here is the smb.conf file.

# Samba config file created using vi
# from Chris Bailey TV/SSG
# Date: 2000/09

# Global parameters
	workgroup = wfb-master
	netbios name = b5440s40
	encrypt passwords = Yes
	update encrypted = Yes
	allow trusted domains = No
	unix password sync = Yes
	restrict anonymous = Yes
        socket options = SO_SNDBUF=17520
        socket options = TCP_NODELAY
	keepalive = 0
        strict sync = no
        max xmit = 8192
        read size = 2048
	max open files = 100
	load printers = No
	domain logons = Yes
	guest account = 
	hosts allow = 162.101.87. 
        nt smb suport = no
	oplocks = no

	path = /tvdata/pkgdata
        sync always = no
        write ok = yes
        write raw = yes
        writable = yes
	guest ok = No

Chris Bailey

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baileyc at WellsFargo.COM wrote:
> Can anyone give me any info on how to tune an HP-UX version of Samba. We
> having a problem transferring a 67MB file from the Unix box to an NT box.
> takes about 2hrs to copy the file. Note: the Unix box has a 10BT card and
> the NT box has a 100BT card.

With a similar configuration on Linux, it takes me about 10-15 minutes
to move a 650MB file. Your figures are terrible... 

1/ Have you tried the same file fransfer with FTP? What transfer rate do
you get?
2/ Does the problem exist with all NT-clients, or just the one?
3/ What speed/duplex mode are your cards actually running at. A duplex
mismatch can cause this kind of grief.
4/ What's in your smb.conf?

Post some of this info, and we may be able to see what's going on...



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