file owner/group changing

Mike Brodbelt m.brodbelt at
Mon Oct 16 14:44:24 GMT 2000

"Fluker, Tom R" wrote:
> It seems that the owner and group for a file change when the file is updated
> by another user.  While it does help in recording the "last person" to
> update a file can be annoying...
> If second person is granted access to the file by being in the same group as
> the original owner -- the primary group of the second person is not that of
> the original file owner -- the file's original can not update the file
> because the owner is changed to the updating user and the group is changed
> to the primary group of the updating user.

This is a problem with windows applications, as much as anything. With
most winapps, when a file is edited and saved, what actually happens is
that the original file is deleted, and the changes saved into a new file
created with the same name as the old one. Ergo, modifications always
cause a shift in file ownership, as you've noticed.

If you grant the second person access to the file ny adding them to a
group, as you mantion above, then you can set the group ownership on the
shared directory to that group. Then, set the SGID bit on the directory,
and all files created within the directory will inherit the directory
group ownership. This should enable you to work around the problem.



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