How to configure Samba 2.0.7 to support NETGROUP?

Rupert Kolb rupert.kolb at
Mon Oct 16 14:41:02 GMT 2000


I would like to us a line like
  hosts allow = @specialgroup
in the smb.conf file.

If I declare a lot of hosts at the 'hosts allow' line, I get a
"string overflow" error. That's one of the reasons for using netgroups.
If I use the netgroup in "host allow", I get an error
"access: netgroup support is not configured".

Then I found a macro "HAVE_NETGROUP" in some of the files of the
samba source code. If I manualy add "-DHAVE_NETGROUP!" and "-lnss_nis"
to the Makefile I get a samba which supports netgroups.
The question is, how to enable this feature with the
standard configuration: ./configure, make, ... .

My System: 
SuSE 7.0 with samba-2.0.7-49 on i386.
YP/NIS is working (login, nfs, ...). 

Rupert Kolb

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