A newbie : Help for installing SAMBA

David Evans-Roberts daveer at hrwallingford.co.uk
Mon Oct 16 09:33:10 GMT 2000


I am new to Samba as well so you may get more definitive answers from
others.  I can possibly help with the first item, a I have recently set up
samba with Solaris 2.6.  There are some issues with who the guest account
maps to.  We got it to work OK with the default of nobody, but user ftp is
suggested as alternative in some of the docs that ship with Samba.  As for
ordinary users you can map from Unix and NT users using the "username map"
For example in globals I have got.
	username map = /etc/samba/usermap.txt

This contains:

bev = br
bob = rwg
bou = seb
cjh = chu
daveer = djer
elfed = tej
irana = iwp

Unix name on the left, NT on the right.

You do not mention name service.  This was an issue for us as we use NIS+
rather than DNS for internal name resolution.  For this we configured with
the --with-nisplus option when building and had to put "dns proxy = no" in

I am afraid I can't help with your second question.

David Evans-Roberts
daveer at hrwallingford.co.uk
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Date: Fri, 13 Oct 2000 11:10:34 +0200
Subject:  A newbie : Help for installing SAMBA
From: "Corinne Lenta" <clenta at nantes.inserm.fr>
To: samba at us4.samba.org

Hello, I'm new to this list.

I'm installing Samba and I have some questions. It is the first time I use

I have a Sun station and a Pc with Windows NT 4.0. I want to use files on
the NT station for a software running on the Sun station.
I saw the Sun on the network neighborrood on the NT station but I cannot
access it although I put in the smb.conf the option guest ok = yes.

My first question is :
Does the users on the two machine have to be the same ?

The second one is :
I can see the sun station on the NT station. How to do the contrary ? I want
to see the NT on the sun machine.
I trie the command line : mount -F smbfs .....: I had an error message.
How to mount the NT station on the Sun station. How to configure it in the
smb.conf, because for the moment I only  authorize access to directory of
the Sun machine.

Thanks in advance

Corinne Lenta
Institut de Biologie
9, Quai Moncousu
44035 Nantes
tel : 02 40 08 47 33
email :
        clenta at nantes.inserm.fr
        clen at free.fr

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