Bug with samba 2.0.7

Tony Butt tjb at cea.com.au
Mon Oct 16 00:15:20 GMT 2000

As suggested by the reply from samba-bugs, I am posting this to the samba
mailing list. It is a very anoying problem, but I have seen no reference to
it in the FAQ, or samba-patches.

We are experiencing a problem when editing source code using Microsoft
Visual Studio V6.0 .
The problem is that occasionally a user cannot save a source file, and
receives a message saying that the source file is in use. Use of
smbstatus does not reveal anyone else witha lock on the source file
except the user trying to save, and lsof  finds no-one else has the file
open. When the user trys to save, the existing file is deleted (!) but
the file cannot be saved. The file must be saved under a different name,
then renamed. We do not experience this problem using any other editing
tool - perhaps this is a problem with Visual Studio?

I recall similar symptoms with Microsoft Word under samba 2.0.4, which led
to the prompt release of samba 2.0.4a.

Our environment is as follows

Hardware & OS : HP C160 workstation running HPUX 10.20 ACE
Compiler              : Gnu C 2.95.2
Configuration      : configure --prefix=/opt/samba
CFLAGS             : -O2

Client Environment : Windows NT 4 SP 6

Tony Butt
Software Engineer
CEA Technologies
tjb at cea.com.au (02)62130195

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