smbclient doesn't operate properly

Robert Dahlem Robert.Dahlem at
Sat Oct 14 22:23:45 GMT 2000


On Sun, 15 Oct 2000 08:34:05 +1100 (EST), Matthew J. Duncan wrote:

>#smbclient -U% -L localhost
>added interface ip= bcast=
>added interface ip= bcast= nmask=
>read_socket_with_timeout: timeout read. read error = Broken pipe.
>session request to LOCALHOST failed (code 0)

                    ^^^^^^^^^ !

>[2000/10/15 08:28:02, 0] smbd/oplock.c:open_oplock_ipc(93)
>  open_oplock_ipc: Failed to get local UDP socket for address 

 ^^^^^^^ This should better be printed as 0100007f and it means 
"" (read from right to left).

You have a serious problem with your loopback interface (and it sucks 
bad :-)

Try 'ping localhost' and 'ping'.

Check /etc/hosts for " localhost". No more entries for 
"localhost", no more entries for "".

Try 'echo | nslookup' and 'echo localhost | nslookup'.

Try something like 'ifconfig lo0' or whatever your loopback interface 
is named.

Report about the outcome and report some details about your operating 
system. Help is on its way. :-)


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