[SLE] Dear Ol' Samba

Bruce bruce at toorak.com
Sat Oct 14 15:39:36 GMT 2000

Hi there and thats exactly what I did!! Thanks.

>On 11 Oct 2000, at 11:45, Bruce wrote:
>> Hi Y'all,
>> Does anyone know if it is possible to run multiple versions of the
>> smbd daemon (samba/smb) to support multiple Windoze WORKGROUPS from
>> the one machine? Multiple IP address aren't a problem and multiple log
>> files likewise. Multiple smb.conf files can be created and thus smbd
>> will run in its own environment. BUT I can't get multiple workgroup(s)
>> to work/register.
>> The reason is that we have two workgroups - ADMIN and RIFRAF and I
>> need to be able to serve resources to both, ideally from the one
>> machine.
>> Anyone with any ideas???!!
>I would set up a samba domain and use the "netbios aliases" and
>to create virtual servers in the domain.  You don't really *need* 2
>workgroups.... ;)
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