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Sat Oct 14 11:28:25 GMT 2000

netatalk is a standard part of most Linux distributions including SuSE...
(The best in my opinion!!) So my references will be wrt SuSE.

look in /etc/atalk for the config files and /etc/rc.d for the starting atalk
Start/Stop with rcatalk restart or /etc/rc.d/atalk restart or equiv path...

the most important file is /etc/atalk/atalkd.conf.
Initially at the bootom enter eth0 and nothing else. If there is
eth0 -net 111 -addr 222 etc or similar then comment (save) that out with a #
Must have just AT THE START eth0
restart atalk. atalk will take sometime to start (2-3 minutes) and you will
see its status in /var/log/messages. after it has started have a look at
the NEW entry in atalkd.conf. It should say
eth0 -net0-65534 -addr 66.6 or something similar.
IF there is a 0.0 anywhere, it has failed. Rip everything out and start again.

Stage 2.
In theory before all that, you should configure afpd.conf. The easiest
entry is say
Common -notcp
at the bottom of the file. There are MANY other methods.
This defines a SERVER name that can be seen in Chooser

Stage three
In AppleVolumes.default and you can have many names here, enter say

/common Common options=crlf access=unixusernamecasesensitivetoo

This specifies the path /common is to be called Common, the actual AppleShare.
Make sure that you know the unix level name and passwd in the usual way.

Leave in '~' This specifies the username home location as a share as well.

Must restart the atalk server to make changes operational.
Connect using Chooser.

This is just a start, it is very much more powerful than this description.
AppleShareIP for example is standard Server service!!!


>How I can do it ???
>> If you can run Samba, you can run netatalk at the same time and overlay
>> the
>> directories. Very convenient and works well. We use it all the time.
>> Bruce.
>> >hi
>> >
>> >how can i configure samba server to allow a mac computer to login and
>> >talks to samba server?
>> >
>> >regards,
>> >siew
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