Cannot connect using smbclient

Eduardo Diaz Uriarte ediazuri at
Fri Oct 13 09:33:52 GMT 2000


I'm using the 2.0.7 version of samba. And I have two machines: the samba server (asterix) that is a linux
suse 6.4 box, and the samba client (obelix) that is a win98 box.

My problem is that even when I can do everything in the DIAGNOSIS.txt file, I cannot connect using smbclient
from the samba server to the samba client. 

That is: smbclient reports and Invalid network name in tree connect.

Now the problem...

When I do:

smbclient \\\\OBELIX\\Data\  -U eduardo -d10

I can see a lot of debugging messages. But what I think is relevant is this:

1)Before prompting for a password, the server finds in /etc/lmhosts the ip of OBELIX. Then sends a session
request (size 168, smb_com=0x0, smb_flg=0) that is ok ('sesion request ok'). And receives what I think are
two packets of size=77 (smb_com=0x72,smb_flg=136). This two should be ok (smb_err=0). 

Simultaneously 'tcpdump' shows a lot of things too. First a sesion request from asterix (samba server) to
obelix. And a 'session granted' message from obelix to asterix. Then after a few message of size negotiating
there is a SMBnegprot (REPLY) (error code = 0).

2) After the password prompt there are two messages with smb_com=0x73, smb_flg=136, smb_flg2=1 and size=41.
After these ones appears a 'session setup ok'. But there is one more message, the last one. This is size=35,
smb_com=0x75, smb_flg=136, smb_flg2=1 and smb_err=6 (!!!). Then tree connect failed: ERRSRV - ERRinvnetname
(Invalid network name in tree connect.)

Meanwhile tcpdump says that there is a  SMBsesssetupX (REQUEST) and a  SMBsesssetupX (REPLY). Then a 
SMBtconX (REQUEST) and  a SMBtconX (REPLY) with an error code of 6 (error class=0x2). The next and last
message is from OBELIX to asterix and is a  SMBunknown (REQUEST) (SMB Command=0x43, Error class=0x45, Error
code=20549, Flags1=0x46, Flags2=0x43, SMBError=ERROR: Unknown error (69,20549)).

I have no idea what means that error. I see that the two machines can comunicate withy each other (I already
knew this) and stablish a connection. But, what makes different their comunications when browsing and when

Thanks again.


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