Windows ME don't connect to SAMBA 2.0.7

Johannes Hochschild ir-jh at
Fri Oct 13 11:37:08 GMT 2000

>Date: Fri, 13 Oct 2000 10:51:30 +0200
>To: samba-bugs at
>From: Johannes Hochschild <ir-jh at>
>Subject: Windows ME don't connect to SAMBA 2.0.7
>Dear Ladies and Sirs,
>in our institute ( we're using ca. 300 pcs, which are
>to 20 UNIX-servers (SUN, IBM, DEC). On two servers are working samba
1.9.18p10, on
>the others samba 2.0.7. The pcs are W95/W98-machines. The connections and
their performance to the samba-servers is very good.
>Now we would like switch to Windows ME. During the first tests we only was
able to establish connections to the samba-1.9.18p10-servers. There are are
a bug in W'ME or in our haeds?
>Can you help us?
>Best wishes and many thanks in advance
>Johannes Hochschild
>(Sysadmin in the IGB)
>ir-jh at
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