A newbie : Help for installing SAMBA

Corinne Lenta clenta at nantes.inserm.fr
Fri Oct 13 09:10:34 GMT 2000

Hello, I'm new to this list.

I'm installing Samba and I have some questions. It is the first time I use

I have a Sun station and a Pc with Windows NT 4.0. I want to use files on
the NT station for a software running on the Sun station.
I saw the Sun on the network neighborrood on the NT station but I cannot
access it although I put in the smb.conf the option guest ok = yes.

My first question is :
Does the users on the two machine have to be the same ?

The second one is :
I can see the sun station on the NT station. How to do the contrary ? I want
to see the NT on the sun machine.
I trie the command line : mount -F smbfs .....: I had an error message.
How to mount the NT station on the Sun station. How to configure it in the
smb.conf, because for the moment I only  authorize access to directory of
the Sun machine.

Thanks in advance

Corinne Lenta
Institut de Biologie
9, Quai Moncousu
44035 Nantes
tel : 02 40 08 47 33
email :
        clenta at nantes.inserm.fr
        clen at free.fr

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