rc.samba script

Alvin Oga alvin at planet.fef.com
Fri Oct 13 07:30:23 GMT 2000

hi y urban...

yes....i saw it afterward.... but too late...
and i want all 3...stop, start, status....
and the same script for any linux distro that we use...
as opposed to diff way to do things on diff linux boxes
and for different versions of smbd too ( 2.0.5 and 2.0.7 )

was surprised google didnt turn up much info...


> Urban Widmark wrote:
> On Thu, 12 Oct 2000, Alvin Oga wrote:
> > 
> > hi all...
> > 
> > i did not find any rc.samba script that did
> > a stop/start/status when i searched google...
> There are such scripts included in the samba distribution.
> Look in the subdirectories of samba-2.0.7/packaging.
> Also, most linux distributions have their own adapted samba rpm/dep
> packages with matching init scripts included.
> /Urban

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